sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Adamastor - Sketch


I think is funny the reaction of people when they see us drawing in the street. Drawing is an activity usually do by kids, but an adult drawing at street could be more rarer as ET of Varginha. I was siting in front the Adamastor build, in this place there is an car parking.
Some people went looking me, other do not bother to look, because I think they believes in drawing is wasting time on futile things. I do not believes it. But I can remember the beautiful smile to me of a girl when she passed. She is not pretty, but I think she is graceful. Perhaps, she likes art.
More knowledge as Adamastor (Centro Municipal de Educação), that is a place of education and culture of the municipality of Guarulhos city
Watercolor on Canson A4 paper

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